The light in your eyes

Constant falling of the bridge
Grasping for the time in which
You hold my hand and stay in mind
Together we will touch the sky
Rising bridges in the night

Your eyes told me I could be safe
My thoughts came clean and I could see my space
Forming storming, honesty
Modest real and clean for sure
Your beauty found the truth and cured

In your eyes I saw the light
Afraid of losing my entire mind
But still the air became so clean
And light of death became the breath,
and shined through all of my weaknesses

Please baby can you see your strength
The truth that´s shining in eternal length
You see, you are the spirit true and gods cannot deny your light
That shines through even the loudest cry

Now I can see where I am walking
Now I can breathe without thinking
Looking at you I see shining
Looking at me without crying

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